Smart Home USB Charging Safety Halloween Pumpkin Silicone Night Lamp
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Smart Home USB Charging Safety Halloween Pumpkin Silicone Night Lamp

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1. This product is a rechargeable night light, which can be recharged and used.
2. This product contains four-color light source, red, green, blue, and white, which can be displayed separately: slightly bright white, white, red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, and purple lights in seven colors (eight states). Adjust the light you like according to personal preference.
3. The material of this product is soft and cute. The silicone material used is environmentally friendly. It can be used as a decorative lamp on a book table or a dressing table. Suitable for home, hotel, restaurant, outdoor.
4. This product can be charged for 3-4 hours. After fully charged, it can work continuously for about 12 hours.

Name:Colorful Silicone Pumpkin Lamp
Material: Silicone + Plastic
Approximate size: 125mm*125mm*128mm
Approximate weight: 293g
Accessories: USB MICRO charging cable

1. Please fully charge the night light before use. The 5V/500MA full charge time is about 4 hours, and the indicator light will go out after full charge.
2. Please do not disassemble the internal device by yourself to avoid damage to the components.
3. When not in use for a long time, please place the product in a dry environment.
4. After the first use or long-term storage, if you cannot turn it on, please charge the night light and use it after a few hours.

Package includes:1PC* Colorful Silicone Pumpkin Lamp

Note: This silicone lamp is a fixed color lamp. The vibration sensor inside the base cannot be stopped immediately after tapping, and there will be aftershocks. It usually takes more than 1 second to stop. When it is still, tap the lamp body and the circuit board of the base. It will be sensed, so the time of tapping must be one second apart. The working principle is like this, it is not a quality problem, this is an analysis of the vibration switch, so as to avoid misunderstanding,thank you.

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