Kitchen 19Hole Dumpling Mold
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Kitchen 19Hole Dumpling Mold

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Making dumplings is no doubt laborious and tiring!                   

Create dumplings easier and faster with this Easy Mold Dumpling Maker!


Dumplings mold is so easy and quick to use. You just place a dough sheet on a mold, add filling in every opening, then cover with another dough sheet. After that roll with a rolling pin and you have  19 dumplings at a time. 
Dumplings maker is an Ideal DIY tool for making and tasting homemade manti, pelmeni, shish Barak, ravioli, tarts, cheese puff balls, wontons, dumplings, empanadas, choux, panzerotti, stromboli, Mandoo bar, kreplach, samosas, turnovers, pierogi, potsticker, calzone and more. Use this mold to create a variety of delicious homemade appetizers, meals, and desserts, using savory meats, vegetables, fruits or sweets.


PRACTICAL and NO MESS KITCHEN TOOL - It makes the kitchen more efficient and enjoyable. No more mess when you make your DIY dumplings. This is the ideal tool to use fresh pasta dough and your favorite pelmeni. Create homemade fried dumplings and more!

FAST & EASY PREPARATION - It has 19 holes to make dumplings in just one go! Quickly and effortlessly place 19 pieces of perfect dumplings at a time. Save time and labor!

FUN LEARNING MOLD - This mold can be a great helper for you when you make dumplings. There will be no more ugly looking dumplings when you learned to do it the right way.

ERGONOMIC LEG DESIGN - Anti-scratch legs prevent your tabletop surface from getting scratched. This mold maker will also not annoy you by slipping when placed on top of your table.

PREMIUM ABS MATERIAL -Nontoxic, odorless and eco-friendly. It is constructed of high-quality ABS, heavy-duty that can last a long time. It won't break or bend easily. It is also won't rust or have any corrosion.

EASY TO USE- Sprinkle flour firstly and place a rolled layer dough on top of the mold. Apply slight downward pressure with fingers to form pockets. Add your desired filling. Put another layer of dough over the top. Seal and cut each piece.

Save your kitchen from an unpleasant look! Have fun when making dumplings with the Easy Mold Dumpling Maker. Buy yours NOW!


You can make a large batch at one time for great family fun when everyone can get involved and make perfect dumplings. This tool is very popular and saves the dumpling makers a lot of time and should be a must-have item in all kitchens.


  • Material: food-grade ABS
  • Features: brand new and high-quality
  • Size: 20.8*20.8*2.2cm
  • Hole size: 2.9*2.9cm


  • 1 x Dumpling Mold


  • Wash and dry dumpling mold after using.
  • Use with dishwashing soap and warm water - do not wash in the dishwasher.


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